What The Actual Pageant Is Like


Participating in the Ms. Senior Michigan Pageant will be one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences of your life. From the first rehearsal, until the moment the winner is announced, you will be caught up in the thrill of planning for a live show, encouraged and directed by an incredibly talented pageant director and surrounded by a circle of contestants and past queens who will make you feel more special than you can ever imagine.

There will be rehearsals to fully prepare you for the pageant, so there is no need to worry about not being ready. You will have many opportunities to rehearse your talent, your philosophy and your walk, to be sure you are comfortable with exactly what you are to do the day of the pagenat. You will also rehearse the opening number, which includes all contestants, and is one of the highlights of the pageant. What fun!

The pageant is truly a series of memorable moments. The theater atmosphere, the cameras, the lights, the gown, and the guests, take you to a place and time you will visit again and again in your mind in the years to come. Even though there can only be one contestant chosen Queen, simply being part of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure will surely be one of your life’s great, “Ah-ha,” moments!

If you are hesitating to become a contestant because you have never entered a pageant, take heart. Most contestants who enter the Ms. Senior Michgian Pageant are first time contestants and many past queens were among those first time contestants.

Step out of your rountine, do something different and become a contestant in the Ms. Senior Michigan pageant. This is your age of elegance. Don’t miss the opportunity to show family and friends how wonderful this age of elegance is!

You will never regret it!

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