Becoming a Queen

The moment arrives when the pageant is coming to a close. The contestants are all lined up on the stage waiting for the pageant director to announce the next queen, your heart is racing and you are hoping you will win, but incredibly unsure, because all the contestants were extremely talented.

And then, your name is announced, the music begins, the crown, the sash, the roses, your very first, “official walk” across the stage and the applause is deafening. You are the new Queen! Unmatched excitement fills the room and your heart! Family and friends, members of the Board of Directors, past queens and contestants storm the stage and surround you with an abundance of hugs and warm wishes.

When the crowd and well wishers are gone and you head for the dressing room one last time, reality begins to set in and suddenly you think, “I am the Queen, what does that mean and what do I do now?” Worry not, help is on the way! Your Queen Sister, the former queen who just crowned you, hands you the “Queen’s Guidebook,” filled with practical, hands-on advice to help you navigate this new and unfamiliar path. Along with her best wishes, your Queen Sister will provide you with the assurance she will walk beside you throughout your reign. She will be there for you, to offer suggestions and encouragement, answer your questions and help you prepare for the Ms. Senior America Pageant.

Soon after your crowning, you will be honored at a Queen’s Tea, generally hosted by the Senior Center in your home town, where family and friends will be invited to see their very own, “Queen,” in all her glory. It is a wonderful event and this is only one of the many memorable events you will enjoy as you proudly wear your crown and sash, symbolic of the “Age of Elegance,” the cornerstone of the Ms. Senior Michigan Pageant.

This will surely be an incredible year for you and one that will stand tall above the rest, in personal achievements, as you share your talent and practice your philosophy as Ms. Senior Michigan.

And when your year of reign ends, you will crown the incoming queen and serve as her, Queen Sister, and the cycle begins anew.

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